The 3rd Russian Award “The Headliner of the Year 2020”


GC "Kortros"

Gogol Center, Moscow

Project manager

Anton Getman


Alexey Frandetti

Star Project has become a part of the award team for the 3rd time. We had developed an intense discussion program for a whole day - we held 4 discussions and 1 poetry slam. The award ceremony was a real surprise for the guests. The masters of the ceremony Sergey Vershinin and Irina Shikhman presented the nominees as superheroes who save lives, make scientific discoveries, set records, do charity, launch cultural and educational projects. As befits superheroes, everyone had their own "avatar".

Grigory Sergeev, the chairman of the "Lisa Alert" search and rescue crew has become the absolute winner of the award. The crew has accepted requests to search for more than 55,000 people, 46,000 of which were found alive within over 9 years the crew exists. The winner's prize was 3 000 000 rubles in total (according to the terms of the award, 1 million rubles is awarded to the leader of the popular vote, and the main prize of 2 million rubles is awarded by an independent jury).

10 leaders of the great projects have become the headliners in their nominations. They have received the grants of 200 000 rubles.

More details about the winners can be found on the official website of the award:

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Skolkovo Robotics Forum

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Неделя моды в Москве<br>сезон a/w 2020 (юбилей 25 лет)<br>

Неделя моды в Москве
сезон a/w 2020 (юбилей 25 лет)

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2-я Всероссийская премия "Headliner года 2019"

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