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Kirill Sbitnev

On August 6, VDNH's birthday was celebrated on the main alley of the park. Under the slogan "83 years of discoveries at VDNH", an extensive daytime program was held, culminating in an evening show performance with the participation of Russian pop stars.

Throughout the day, 8 interactive zones worked on the main alley of the park, within which viewers could immerse themselves in different time periods, from the 30s to the present. For a truly immersive experience, an apartment from every decade was recreated in each zone with real furniture from that time, as well as actors dressed in costumes from every era.

The guests were treated to an exhibition of cars from different eras, an aerobics show, performances by magicians, hairdo master classes and yard games. Music from different years sounded at the thematic venues.

In the evening, a large-scale show "Through Time" was held on the stylobate of pavilion No. 1 "Central". The plot of the theatrical story was based on the walk of the grandmother and grandson through the territory of VDNH. The woman told the boy about every decade of her life, linking it to the exhibition. On the stage, the group "Samotsvety", rapper "Slame", Alla Dukhova's ballet "TODES", the VDNH choir, the Russian Style show orchestra, stand-up comedian Nikolai Andreev, beatboxer Yanis Bakus and many others became part of the story.

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