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On July 26-31, 2021, the 16th «The Best in Profession» Review Competition was held among representatives of the main working specialties of Rosneft subsidiaries.

«The Best in Profession» competition is an important part of the corporate training program and a show of the increasing professional skills of the Company's employees. The competition promotes the dissemination of advanced work experience, the introduction of new technologies, the enhancement of the prestige of blue-collar occupations, production culture and responsibility for trouble-free work.

This year's competition was especially long-awaited, since due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the final of last year was postponed to this one. Many participants have been waiting for more than a year for the opportunity to prove themselves and show their skills.

The final stage brought together more than 600 people from 100 subsidiaries of the Company. Competitions in each area ("oil and gas production", "oil refining", "oil products supply") were held at the production facilities of Rosneft enterprises located in the city of Ufa.

The participants competed in skill in 28 nominations for four days. The competition included theoretical testing and practical work. When determining the winners at the first stage, knowledge was assessed in the specialty, as well as in the field of industrial and fire safety, labor protection. Contestants demonstrated practical skills at production facilities.

The winners and prize-winners of the competition were awarded with cups, diplomas and cash certificates. Separate prizes (diplomas and tablets) were awarded to the winners of the «Safe Work» nomination, the results of which were determined by the observance of safety precautions when performing practical tasks and demonstrated knowledge in testing.

The awards ceremony was held in the brunch format. The winners of three directions, the jury and VIP guests were invited to the celebration.

Star Project was responsible for organizing the competitive testing of the participants, all the logistics of the event and the implementation of the Award Ceremony, from the development of the idea to the technical equipment of the event.

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