ANO «Human Capital Development»


Project manager

Anton Getman/Ksenia Platonova


On January 8, in the midst of the New Year holidays, the Star Project team held a New Year's quest «The Palace of Wonders» with the Children's Technoparks of Moscow for children aged 10-17.

The participants had to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the future and technology. There were 21 gaming stations on the territory of Art.Technograd, where participants completed a variety of tasks: on logic, physical endurance, determined the smell of reagents, conducted chemical experiments, and much more. Part of the tasks was carried out with the participation of the Children's Technoparks of Moscow. Players could get acquainted with the features of each technopark and learn more about any modern technology.

In the final, valuable prizes awaited the participants: large souvenir sets, certificates for long-term courses at the Children's Technoparks, books about the most modern professions and specialties of the future, as well as tablets.

Star Project was responsible for developing the concept of the event and its turnkey implementation.

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